Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers are environmentally friendly heating solutions designed to replace your existing inefficient heating method. They burn wood pellets made from materials sourced in sustainable forests, typically in the UK. The fuel that these pellets provide burns both cleanly and easily andBiomass-boilers-doncaster-300x237 gives a strong, consistent heat. Biomass Boilers operate automatically, regulating the amount of fuel being used so it matches the heat demand of your home. Pellets are tipped into the Boilers hopper by the homeowner as and when the Boiler requires. Wood pellets are typically sold in batches of 10KG bags to ensure they are conveniently sized to tip into the hopper.


Installing a Biomass boiler is quite a simple process, typically they are plumbed directly into the existing central heating system. Our Boilers are external to ensure minimum disruption to your home during installation and to ensure maintaining the system is as simple as possible.

Would I benefit from a Biomass Boiler?

Customers who use Oil, LPG or Electricity (or a mixture of any of the three) as the primary method to heat their home can potentially enjoy the largest energy savings from the installation of a Biomass Boiler. Wood Pellet pricing has been historically stable and not subject to price changes like fossil fuels. Homes that are currently connected to the Gas grid will typically not see reduced fuel bills from the installation of a Biomass Boiler.


Average Fuel Prices*

fuel 1

Possible savings after Installing a Biomass Boiler*

fuel 2

*The ’Average Fuel Prices’ figures are taken from The Energy Saving Trust . The ’Possible Savings….’ figures are also taken
from The Energy Saving Trust and apply to a typical four-bedroom detached house with basic insulation. Energy savings can
not be guaranteed and your savings may vary.

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